Terms and Conditions

Granular consents

GDPR requires explicit consent on certain operations regarding data from individuals. Most relevant data on a marketing program like PRIS is contained in “profiles”, “SMS”, “geo-location” and “e-mail address”. The geo-location related consent depends on the users’ phone settings, whereas to be able to send SMS, e-mails or gather data to send personalised offers and promotions it is needed to receive those contents through the website or app.

a) E-mail: I accept that PRIS sends me e-mails with marketing and communications contents.

b) Profile data: I accept that PRIS sends me personalised offers and other contents based on my purchasing activity.

c) SMS: I accept that PRIS sends me SMS with marketing and communications contents.

Terms and conditions

The PRIS Program is a loyal program that aims to reward Puma Energy customers on their loyalty by granting them points on every purchase they make. The points can later be exchanged for products and services under the terms and conditions set by the following rules.

1. Scope of the program

PRIS is valid and can be used across all the Puma Energy service stations that have joined the program in Panama

2. Participants of the PRIS Loyalty Program

2.1. To participate in the PRIS Loyalty program, each member will need to either hold a PRIS membership card, with can be got at zero cost in every Puma Energy service station that has joined the program, or download the PRIS Panama app. The use of both the PRIS card and PRIS Panama apps means the knowledge and acceptance by the user of the general terms and conditions attached to them.

3. Points earning

3.1. Points can be earned by purchasing any fuel product -gasolines, diesel and lubricants, as well any Super-7 products except those that are excluded (according to what is specified in the program catalogue).

3.2. Earning conditions are subject to the information and specifications that is contained in the catalogue.

3.3. Points might be able to be earned through eventual promotions launched by the service stations.

3.4. Number of points to be earned on any given transaction is a function of the rules applying at that time. Number of points to be earned will always be specified by the program catalogue.

3.5. Puma will keep real-time record of the points balance for all customers. This will be available for customers on the PRIS website www.puntospris.com, on the PRIS Panama app and at every point-of-sale terminal within all participating service stations.

4. User identification

4.1. To become an official PRIS member, users can sign up on the PRIS Panama app (available on Google Play and App Store), on the PRIS website www.puntospris.com, by filling in the welcome pack form at the service station, or directly by calling the PRIS contact center.

4.2. If the customer is not registered, therefore, he/she is not an official PRIS member, points will not be able to be earned nor redeemed.

4.3. Puma Energy allows itself the right to deliver specific offers with specific rewards to individual PRIS customers or groups of PRIS customers.

4.4. In case of loss or theft of a card, the customer shall communicate the event to the PRIS contact center as soon as possible within the following timeframe: from Mondays to Saturdays, from 8h am to 5h pm.

4.5. In case of loss or theft of a card, Puma Energy guarantees the customer the corresponding update of the points balance as of 0:00h of the day in which the customer communicates the event to the PRIS contact center.

4.6. It is only allowed the registration of one (1) card per PRIS official member.

5. Use of points

5.1. Points are exchanged for discounts on the products and services included in the PRIS catalogue and/or associated to offers promoted by PRIS. The exchange of points will necessarily mean, in all cases, the reduction of the customer points balance by an amount proportionately equivalent to the points being exchanged.

5.2. Points earned will not in any case be used to exchange for cash.

5.3. The number of points required for the exchange on each of the applying offers is informed by the catalogue as well as by the PRIS website www.puntospris.com.

6. Discounts on products and services

6.1. The discounts to be applied to the products/services included in the different PRIS offers will be done by the point-of-sale terminals that are available at the participating Puma Energy service stations. The discounts will be applied directly and in real time to the purchase done by the customer.

6.2. Products on offer will be subject to service station stock availability. Some products might not be available at the time of redeeming an offer by a customer due to high demand or other circumstances oblivious to the PRIS Program. In these cases, Puma Energy reserves the right to replace the unavailable products with other of similar brand, value and quality without any need to notice nor communicate anything in advance.

6.3. At the moment of purchase, Puma Energy will have the right to request the card holder or program user that is purchasing, and therefore claiming for the points and/or discounts, proof of his/her identity to verify the PRIS membership -e.g. card ID, user ID, etc. Were a customer not be able to proof such PRIS membership, rewards, points or both might not be available for him/her.

6.4. Points earned will not in any case be used to exchange for cash.

7. Expiry

7.1. Points earned and recorded within the customer’s balance will be valid during a period of 6 months.

7.2. If during the course of a full year, the customer has had no activity within the program e.g. no points earning or no points redemption of any sort, the outstanding points on his/her balance, if any, will expire and therefore deleted off the balance.

7.3. Puma Energy reserves the right to, at any moment, terminate the PRIS loyalty program by communicating its effectiveness with a 3-month notice.

8. Other terms and conditions

8.1. Puma Energy reserves the right to not accept cards that cannot be read, or have been stolen, obtained by fraudulent means or any other method that is not compliant with the conditions to participate in the PRIS Program.

8.2. Puma Energy advises its customers to keep their PRIS card in a safe place and sign them according to the instructions given.

8.3. Puma Energy employees and their relatives, as well as its resellers, distributors, agents and service providers will only be able to claim PRIS discounts by exchanging their PRIS points for them after having earned them according to the rules of the program.

8.4. The PRIS card is property of Puma Energy Panama, headquartered in the City of Panama: Edificio Tower Financial Center, Piso 26. Calle 50 y Calle Elvira Mendez (Panama).

8.5. The PRIS Program is managed and operated by Puma Energy Panama.

8.7. Puma Energy will not be responsible for any typographic error on the prices of references included in the applicable catalogue, or in any other that replaces the former. These use terms replace and outdate those published in previous editions.

8.8. The customer explicitly accepts his/her full responsibility over the use of the PRIS membership card.

8.9. The website www.puntospris.com is an active complement to the catalogue, therefore the offers and conditions there published are consistent with it and equally applicable to the PRIS customers. Puma Energy shall be able to modify the applicable conditions at any moment within the stated timeframe, including any right or obligation concerning both the PRIS customer and Puma Energy. These modifications will always be published on the PRIS website. When any modification occurs, and when and if allowed by the law, it will be effective upon publishing of the revised terms in the aforementioned website or on any specific date should it be stated as such.

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